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Drill Rig

2003 Mobile B59 Truck Mount Rotary Drill Rig

Mounted on a 2003 Tandem Axle 6x4 Freightliner FL80, 300 hp cat engine, Differential lockers

Onboard 300 cfm 200 psi Air compressor

Above Deck 1000L water tank

Grout/Mud Progressive cavity pump

T81 High pressure coring/injection pump

Filled with Environ 32 vegetable based hydraulic oil

Auto Drop Hammer w/ hydraulic lift cylinder (30” drop, 140lb weight)

Onboard 7200 watt generator

Diesel powered drill/truck engine heater

100 hp Cummins Drill Deck Engine

Pulldown force: 20,900 lbs [9,480 kg]

Retract force: 31,800 lbs [14,424 kg]

Feed stroke: 6 ft.

Rotary Torque Maximum – 13,046 ft-lb [17,687 Nm] @ 0-105 rpm

Rotary Speed Maximum – 2,005 ft-lb [2,718 Nm] @ 0-704 rpm

6 speed head, providing versatility to drill Augers, ODEX Air Rotary, Mud Rotary, Coring

Rod clamp and hydraulic breakout wrench

4 way mast movement via Slide Base and Cross Slide

3 Winches for efficient rod handling (capable of hanging 75’ of rods)

Above deck Tool boxes

Below Deck Auger/Pipe racks.

Equipped with trailer hitch to tow 10000 lb flat deck trailer to site if required to haul extra tooling/ supplies.

20lb Fire extinguisher, Spill kit

Hydraulic powered mud/ grout mixer

Support Unit




Support Unit:

2016 Ford F350 4x4

300L fuel transfer tank w/ lockable tool box

2-way Radio

Removable 1000 liter water tank

Hauls enclosed trailer to site as well as the crew, while transferring fuel, water, and supplies to the drill.

2017 H&H 14,000lb Enclosed Trailer

20’ long cargo box, Safely and securely stores up to 11000 lbs of cargo.

Dry lockable storage for all tools, spare rig components and consumables

Secures items not often needed at the rig such as casing jacks, and back hammer

Storage racks for pipe/augers not needed on the drill