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Health, Safety, and the Environment. (HSE)

Drilling is considered a high-risk job. Our dedication and emphasis on mitigating hazards that form these risks is of utmost importance. Although ever changing and always improving, our HSE culture throughout the company is built on positive, behavior-based training. This creates an environment where “Near Miss” or “incident” reporting isn’t pushed aside with fear of negative consequences, helping us to maintain a safe workplace.

The right to refuse unsafe work is something every employee is reminded of at our daily safety meeting. Experience, being a vital asset to workplace safety; also comes with complacency over time. Having workers from each end of the experience scale participate in building of safe work procedures and policies helps bring all aspects of the job into place and also keeps experienced and underexperienced workers fresh in terms of hazard mitigation.

Environmental impact is also a large concern for us. We always aim to preform work within compliance of all relevant environmental legislation. Pollution and spill control training helps to lessen environmental impact, making it something that is discussed and performed throughout each and every work day. Employees are trained to report and handle environmental concerns in a positive way like our approach to safety concerns.

Worker Safety