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Shelby Tubes

Shelby Tubes

Geotechnical drilling is a type of drilling that is performed as part of the overall construction process. It is mainly to assist in infrastructure such as but not limited to buildings, bridges, roadways, hydro dams, tailings ponds, pipeline crossings etc. as a part of the investigation process carried out on site prior to construction. These tests also assist in hydro-geological investigations helping to determine building plans for mine sites, tailings ponds, and many other types of infrastructure.

Sub-surface geotechnical investigations involve drilling use testing methods and instrumentation installations to determine ground characteristics. These investigations provide information needed to determine foundation plans for some of the above-mentioned structures.

Testing techniques include but are not limited to; in-situ standard penetration tests (SPT), cone penetration tests (CPT), and shear vane testing. Some other testing methods are packer tests, shelby tubes, dynamic cone penetration testing (DCPT) and piston sampling.

Uncharted also performs a variety of instrumentation installation services such as monitoring wells (stand pipe piezometers), vibrating wire piezometers, slope inclinometer casings, extensometers, de-watering pumps, and various nested installations of these items.